Our mission is to interest young people in the delightful world of learning and encourage them to step inside it and discover it’s wonders .

We offer a variety of workshops for several age categories .
Choose what suits your style and let’s start learning!



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A step into the  world of electronics , learn about its components and what you can do with them. invent your own  devices. Electro kids: Introducing electronics for kids between the age of 7 and 9 years. Kids learn how to create simple electronics circuits that get them engaged. Electronics:   A more advanced program for young learners […]

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A unique program about the world of robotics that engages kids in learning about robot mechanics , artificial intelligence , industrial robots and more.   R.I.C.K | Robotics introduction for curious kids : Introducing Robotics for  kids between the age of 7 and 9 years in a fun and engaging experience. Robotics : An advanced program for young learners […]

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little einstien

Enjoy chemistry experiments, physics games , biology lessons, space workshops , awesome science topics and much more. At treasures Academy learn about a range of awesome science topics with cool interactive resources that will challenge and motivate young learner to know more […] It’s science for kids and young learners! so whether you are looking for fun experiments engaging activities, […]

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crafts workshop

“Craftsmanship”  is the act of using skills to make something with ones hands. We believe that the act of learning and creating something, of practicing craft skills, is good for us, that it enriches our lives.Our mission is to interest young people in the delightful world of craftsmanship and encourage the passing on of valuable […]

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Career Workshop

The career workshop helps young people  start shaping their future by learning the basics and fundamentals of different careers: movie making, photo editing, journalism, audio editing…etc movie making : Help teach young people about storytelling and other important filmmaking techniques as they create their own movies with the latest video editing software. photo Editing Have […]